MB Models German Infantry - Box art

Another of the latest batch of releases from Master Box, or MB Models is this one.  A set of four German Infantry in late war uniforms and equipment, including ankle boots and gaiters, a group posed as if about to storm through a house doorway as in the box art.

All the parts are contained on a single parts sprue, moulded in a sand coloured plastic, and includes the weapons and equipment.  Two of them have plain steel helmets, while the other two are wearing helmets with camo covers.  Detail on the faces as well as the uniforms is nicely sculpted.  The thing I particularly like is that while figures of troops with camouflage smocks are not rare, we don't often see figures with the zeltbahn shelter quarters worn as their camouflage cover.  There are plenty of photos that show it, but not so often seen on model figures.  So, as suggested in the colour guide on the back of the box, the different patterns on the camouflage smocks and the two in the zeltbahns can make for a figure set that is just that little more unusual.

Yet again I am impressed by the thought and variation in ideas that go onto this range of figure sets from Master Box.

My thanks to Master Box Ltd for our example.

See their website for more details of the Master Box ranges