PSC 15mm German Medium Trucks

The latest release in their range of 15mm scale wargaming vehicles from The Plastic Soldier Company has moved into some softskin transport.  This pack contains 5 complete model trucks, and you have a number of choices in just what you build.  Let's start by clarifying that a couple things about the box art are not quite what is inside the box.  The illustration shows a Ford V3000 cab on a Maultier chassis.  Behind it you see a box body Mercedes.  Well, there is no Ford V3000 cab though you can build them as standard wheeled trucks or as Maultiers.  There is the option of the Mercedes cab, though no box body.  So, let's look at the sprues and see what we have.

It is essentially one sprue, of which you get five examples in the box, though one end of it has been snipped off as it is a touch too big for the standard size box.  Assembly instructions are included with an image of the parts sprue, and they use colours to denote which parts for the appropriate parts of whichever variant you want to build.  There are two styles of cab included, both for the standard German 3ton series truck.  There is one for an Opel Blitz and the other is for the Mercedes L3000.  You also have the choice of building either one as a standard wheeled truck, or as a Maultier half-track.  Another option is for the pattern of the load bed.  There is either the solid sided wooden body, or another with the two spaced planks at the top.  If you go for the solid sides, then you can also fit the full tilt which is also included, or of course leave it open and add troops or cargo instead.

The instructions show how to build the wheeled truck, though not the Maultier which I thought was a strange omission, and doesn't show where to fit the spare wheel (between the chassis and the load bed).  Mind you, as the kit is not over complex, it isn't difficult to work out the alternatives.  The build sequence is actually quite straightforward, and once you have built the first one, the other 4 will go together even faster.  The cabs have solid moulded glazing rather than open or clear, so there is no interior to concern yourself with.  This makes them faster to build, paint and get into your wargames army and ready for the gaming table.  One other minor thing I noticed, the hub cap on one of the rear wheels has been missed off.  You can solve it quite easily though, either by using a small disc of card to add the cap, or, if you are going to build two or three as Maultiers, then you have the spare left on the other sprues that you can make use of.  So you get 5 neat little truck models and a bunch of extra parts to put in your spares box, which includes at least 5 spare cabs among them.

Once together I think they really look the part and I am so pleased to see PSC tackle some softskin transport.  I hope this means we might be able to look forward to British and American trucks in the future as well, that would be neat.  The GMC 2 1/2 ton, QL, Bedford OY, GAZ. .... oh the possibilities are endless.  Let's hope.

Thanks to Will and Anita at the Plastic Soldier Company for our example.

For more detail see The Plastic Soldier Company website