Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII Coastal U-Boat

News from Bronco as they are set to release a 1/35 (yes really, 1/35) a German Type XXIII U-boat.  Just to give an indicator, we also have a couple of pictures below showing their test shots for the two halves of the conning tower which Bronco have kindly sent through to us.

A late war design, small, armed with only two torpedoes, but able to stay submerged longer than most submarines of the high capacity electric motors.  Designed to be built in sections, to disperse construction, and for the sections to be transportable by rail to an assembly yard.  Just 6 went out on operations though a total of 61 were built.  I believe 8 were sunk while over 30 were scuttled by their crews at the close of the war.  Of the 20 that surrendered to the Allies, most of these were then scuttled, and one going to the Soviet Union.  West Germany later raised a couple of the boats and re-commissioned them.  They proved very capable, despite one sinking with heavy loss of life, and from them they developed the Type 206 which is still used to this day.  This could make a great diorama in 1/35, either just on the dock side with a German crew and being re-supplied or with Allied troops looking over a surrendered boat.  Either way, lots of potential.

Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII Submarine poster

Brono 1/35 Type XXIII U-Boat conning tower parts Brono 1/35 Type XXIII U-Boat conning tower parts


Thanks to Bronco Models for sending through the news.

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