Centurion Main Battle Tank

1946 to present by Simon Dunstan

One of the best post-war tanks ever built, the Centurion entered service in 1946 and has served in multiple conflicts from the Korean War through to the last Gulf War. Nearly 4,500 were built, the last of them rolling off the production line in 1962. The Centurion remained a front line tank for the British Army until the arrival of the Chieftain but continued to serve on until 2004 when the 165 AVRE variant was finally retired. Incredibly, albeit in modified form, the Centurion still serves in Israel, Jordan and South Africa.

This Haynes manual celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Centurion and the author’s close relationship with The Tank Museum shines through again with this excellent book. The attention to detail and numerous unpublished photographs and diagrams make this one of the best books I’ve read on the Centurion to date. Contributions from former Centurion crewman are excellent and the operating chapter is the closest to what the original Haynes manuals’ were all about from a maintenance point of view.  

Another highly recommended manual about a great post-war AFV icon which continues to serve. Thanks very much to Max at McCann PR for our review copy.


ISBN: 978-1-78521-057-0

Price: £22.99

Pages: 156

Format: hardback – A4

Publisher: Haynes Publishing

Website: www.haynes.com