Heer & SS Visor Caps & Uniforms

By Jan M. Meland & Trond A. Elvan

As the title suggests, this imposing book, which weighs in at nearly 2kg focusses attention on Heer and SS Visor Caps and Uniforms, although the latter only takes up about 10% of the subject matter. The contents are mainly from the personal collection of Norwegian Trond A. Elvan who has been collecting since a child and has managed to gather every example of a German Heer Visor Cap. There are still uncomfortable feelings to such artefacts and this reflects in the fact that this book is not available in the US, Canada or Mexico. Regardless of your viewpoint, there is no taking away the fact that this is a superb collection of caps and uniforms is well-presented from front to back in a large, detailed format. There is a scattering of period photography of German officers demonstrating how the caps and uniforms were worn. 

The book is broken down into just four main chapters (topped and tailed with Foreword, Introduction and Bibliography); Chapter I SS Visor Caps, Chapter II Heer Visor Caps, Cap Pipings Overview and Chapter III Uniforms. On average the big pages contain between two and five colour images totalling an impressive 736 in all. Each item has been professionally photographed in a studio environment and anyone interested in the detail will be thoroughly rewarded.

Quality of the book is second to none, it would have been a costly book to produce and this reflects in a hefty RRP of £70. If you can take this price on the chin and you are interested in German uniforms and/or modelling German figures, then the cost will be irrelevant; it will need to be on your book shelf!

Thanks to Tom Bonnington at Casemate for our review copy which is available from www.casematepublishers.co.uk.


ISBN: 978-82-690-1260-6


Price: £70

Pages: 230

Format: hardback – 355mm x 220mm

Publisher: Mort Homme Books

Website: www.casematepublishers.co.uk