Heinkel He 111 & Messerschmitt Bf 109

The Early Years by Chris Goss

Clearly paving the way for a series of books on each of these famous Luftwaffe machines of WW2, both of these cover the early years of the war up to the Battle of Britain and Blitz as part of the Air War Archive. Laid out in pictorial history form, these books are packed with superb photography, the bulk of which I have never seen before and its very encouraging that images like these are still turning up and being shared. Every photograph has an informative extended caption; some of them are up to half a page long adding a significant amount of meat to the bone at what ordinarily would simply be a photograph of a pilot standing next to his aircraft. With regard to the He 111, the number of graphic images displaying damage caused by British fighters over England makes the reader realise how dangerous those operations where for the German crews.   

Without exception, it is difficult to criticise any of the images selected in both books and everyone inspires you, from a modelling point of view, to have a crack at one of those ‘wingy’ things! Thanks to Charlie Simpson at Pen & Sword for our review copies.

ISBN: 978-1848324831 (111) & 978-1848324794 (109)

Price: £14.99 ea

Pages: 146 (111) & 180 (109)

Format: softback – 244mm x 188mm

Publisher: Pen & Sword Military

Website: www.pen-and-sword.co.uk