Heller 1/72 German 3 Ton Cargo Truck and Pak 40

This is a 2013 rebox of a popular old combo, the German Opel Blitz cargo truck and a Pak 40 anti-tank gun complete with crew. Literally the only thing that has changed is the size of the box and the artwork. The former has been reduced with a top opening lid, while the sprues are the originals but at least one of them has been broken in half to fit. I’ve got no real problem with that at all; this is a great little kit for the younger or novice builder or someone who needs to pad out his/her 1/72 diorama.

Heller kits had been given a hard time over the years but at the end of the day you are getting two models, plus figures comprising nearly 100 parts plus decals for under £9.00! You can’t really knock that surely? There is an A5 sized sprue sheet in the kit which shows the main sprue in its original form, so in total you now have four rather than three sprues. Detailing is not bad and I’ve seen more flash on considerable more expensive kits. The trucks leaf springs, radiator and tyres look quite nice and generally the Pak 40 looks tidy. Instructions are provided on a double-sided A3 sheet; the Blitz takes up ten of the 13 build stages, the remainder being for the Pak and three figures. There is a black and white colour and marking guide at the end of the instructions.         

This example was purchased from Creative Models.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 79994

Scale: 1/72

Parts: 96

Price: RRP £8.99

Manufacturer: Heller

Website: www.heller.fr/en/