Revell 1/35 Henschel Type 33 D1 - box art

Here is another co-operative kit release from Revell as this is a re-boxing of the very neat ICM kit of the German 3-ton truck, a Henschel Tyoe 33 D1.  This is a subject that I am pleased to see in kit form in this larger scale.  I always remember it for being one of the earliest small scale models I scratchbuilt (not very well) in small 1/76 scale many years ago.  It wasn't that good, but I was proud of it at the time.  Well now we see a really well detailed model of the Henschel in the larger 1/35 scale and with the Revell distribution network behind it, it should be readily available quite widely.

There are no less than 88 stages in the construction sequence, and details of engine, chassis, cab and rear body are excellent.  Mind you there are lots of parts to it, especially the chassis and engine, so don't expect it to be a quick build.  Moulded in a sand coloured plastic, plus the clear parts sprue for the main windscreen, along with side windows if you choose to fit them with the erected cab tilt.  On the transfer sheet, they have even included the instruments for the dash board, which is still a rare enough thing for truck kits.  There are 3 marking options provided for and overll this is a well detailed and intereting looking model.  A well done not only to ICM for the basic kit, but also to Revell for getting this tie up and releasing it within their range.

Our thanks to Revell here in the UK for our example.
Available from most hobby shops, and check the Revell Germany Website here for Europe, or Revell for the USA and Canada.