Hobby Boss 1/35 German Panzer 1 Ausf A Sd.Kfz.101 (Early/Late Version)

The Panzerkampfwagen I was the first German tank to go into mass production since the post-World War I restrictions had only authorised the construction of armoured cars. A light tank, the design of the Panzer I began in 1932 and two years later was in full production, although at first it was only intended to be used for training as the German Army quickly got to grips with the concept of armoured warfare. Production continued until 1938 although a few were built in 1943. Manufactured by Daimler, Henschel, Krupp and MAN, 1,659 were built as light tanks, a further 445 for training, 184 as command tanks and 147 were converted for special duties. Weighing in at 5.4 tons, the Panzer one was crewed by two and armed with a pair of 7.92mm MG13 machine guns with power provided by a 59hp Krupp M 305 air-cooled engine.  

Once you have prised the tight fitting lid off, you are greeted with a box that is crammed with parts; over 500 of them all individually back on 15 sprues. Quite an impressive start considering the finished tank is little more than 10cm long! The black and white instruction booklet is A-4 in size, has a dozen pages and takes you carefully through a 13-stage build. Your only colour guide for this kit is the main box art and a profile on the side. However, colour and marking options (in black and white) at the rear of the instruction booklet are for the (Early Version) Spanish 2 Co. 2. Batt. Agrupacion de Carros, Pz-Abt.zBV40 in Norway in 1940, a Polish Campaign machine and 5 Liechte Div. North Africa and (Late Version), Polish and North African Campaigns.

This kit looks impressive on the sprues and is up to Hobby Boss’s usual high standard regarding moulding and lack of flash. As usual the internal details are all there, the engine and gearbox is particularly impressive and as always it would be a shame to cover it all up. The internal detail of the turret is also very well done and once this is all finished off with the supplied PE sheet, the completed kit will look very nice.    

This is a very impressive kit and good value for money. Thanks very much to Creative Models for our sample which is available from www.creativemodels.co.uk.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 80145

Scale: 1/35

Parts: over 500+ PE Sheet (20)

Price: £22.99 (Creative Models)

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss

Website: www.hobbyboss.com