Mörser KARL-Gerant 040/041 Initial Version

I realise that this kit has been out a fair while; since 2007 (originally version produced by Hasegawa in 1980s) to be exact, but I could not resist taking a look at the intriguing self-propelled siege mortar which the Germans were quite obsessed with throughout both world wars. These subjects normally overlap the average workbench and force families to relocate to the other end of the house to make room, but when produced in 1/72, like this version of the Mörser Karl-Gerant 040/041, then everyone are happy.

The real thing was over 37ft long, weighed in at approximately 126 tons and could fire a 24in, 4,780lb shell up to 60km and funnily enough only eight of these precious resource consuming giants were built. This Hobby Boss version is a mere 159mm long and with just 200 parts still manages to produce a faithful replica of this beast of a gun which can be enhanced further with some Eduard PE. This is one of many perfect small scale kits of these massive weapons which may encourage you to take on something bigger or maybe stick to one of the still very popular scales; 1/72. Thanks again to Creative Models for this sample.

Product: Construction kit

Ref: 82904

Scale: 1/72

Parts: approx 200

Price: £25.99

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss

Website: www.hobbyboss.com