Hobby Boss Soviet SU-18 SPH

A spin-off from the successful Soviet T-18 tank, which in turn was based on the French FT-17, the SU-18 was a SPH (Self-Propelled Howitzer) aka SPG (Self-Propelled Gun). The first prototype was built directly onto a FT-17 hull by K M Ivanov in 1928. The distinctive vehicle had a truncated pyramid shaped shroud which partly concealed the SU-18’s main weapon, a 76.2mm (3in) regimental gun, although its defensive armour was only 5-7mm (0.2-0.28in) thick. The 76.2mm gun was also fitted with a large muzzle brake in an effort to reduce the guns huge recoil and to enable to actually fit on top of the small hull. Other prototypes were fitted with a 37mm (1.46in) PC-2 and a 45mm (1.77mm) model 1930 guns but no variant of the SU-18 was chosen for production, thus making this a very rare subject indeed.

  This kit from Hobby Boss contains 262 parts on 11 sprues which includes the lower and upper hulls, turret and PE sheet with ten components plus a couple of Soviet star decals which may only be for artistic licence. As you can imagine, as the SU-18 was based on the FT-17, it’s quite a small model which when complete measures a mere 113mm. The supplied A4 black-white eight-page instruction booklets takes you through nine stages, the most complex by far being the track construction, which as always, will require patience and then some more. 118 track links are supplied, which according to the final stage should be more than enough to lose to the carpet monster as only 51 per side is needed. A nice A4 single-sided colour sheet presents one colour option using Wood Brown (A), Russian Brown (B) or Steel (C) supplied by Mr Hobby (A, B, C), Vallejo (A, B, C), Model Master (A, C) or Humbrol (A).

  Once again, a super rare subject of a machine that never pushed out from the prototype stages but was still part of the complex inter-war Soviet Army story. Thanks to Creative Models for our sample which is available from www.creativemodels.co.uk


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 83875

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 262

Price: £26.99 (Creative Models)

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss

Website: www.hobbyboss.com