Homefront Miniatures HF0017 - 1/35 WW2 British rating able seaman

Cast in light grey resin, this figure is depicted stood to attention dressed in what appears to be the No.3 serge suit, generally worn for most working duties aboard ship. The figure itself comprises just four parts; the main torso, separate head and arms. A nice touch is the badges and rank insignia moulded onto each arm, which will benefit from careful painting. Although sculpted quite simply, it does indeed look the part.

The figure comes packed in a small plastic box, not unlike Alpine Miniatures, with a printed insert containing a photo of the painted figure. There are no painting instructions included so you would have to rely on your references here but the uniform looks a simple affair to paint. My only criticism, and this is not levelled at the actual figure, is that the blue uniform colour on the painted box figure looks too light, to my eye it should be a much darker navy shade.

Thanks to Lee at Fields of Glory Models Ltd for supplying this sample which is available at www.fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk

Andy Evans


Product: Construction kit

Ref: HF0017

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 4

Price: £9.99

Manufacturer: Homefront Miniatures

Website: www.fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk