Homefront Miniatures, 1/35 1940’s British National Fire Service crew

Reviewed for Military Modelling by Andy Evans

This set from Homefront Miniatures depicts two firefighters from the National Fire Service (NFS) in the act of hosing down a fire, a scene typical of the blitz in the 1940’s.

  Crisply cast in light grey resin, the parts breakdown is a simple one, each figure consisting of a main torso with a separate head and arms along with a small length of fire hose and separate nozzle. The figures are in dynamic stance and are outfitted with wellington type boots, waterproof over-trousers and a double-breasted uniform tunic, all topped off with what appears to be a Brody helmet. I particularly liked the sculpting NFS badge on the upper torso.

  Again, no colour references are supplied but the boxtop features a photo of the pair painted by Mark Dollery, which should give you a guide on the colours.

  Thanks to Lee at Fields of Glory Models Ltd for supplying this sample which is available at www.fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk


Product: Construction kit

Ref: HF0015

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 10

Price: £17.99

Manufacturer: Homefront Miniatures

Website: www.fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk