Hook Up – U.S. Paratroopers

From the Vietnam War to the Cold War by A Rodiguez & A Arques

A slightly ambiguous sub-title is my only criticism of the outstanding book covering the history of U.S. paratroopers, virtually all in glorious colour. With the odd exception even the WW2 photographs are in colour which highlights how much easier this product was to get hold in the U.S. while the rest of the world remained in black and white for many more years. A very slick piece of publishing, the book is well designed and suited to its large format and hardback cover; a good old-fashioned coffee table book!

The two author’s leave no stone unturned and chapters cover Operation Junction City (Vietnam 1966), boot camp, equipment which includes harnesses and types of parachutes, combat loads and insignias, the latter covering every single badge available from Riggers and Rangers to Paragliders to Pathfinders.  The latter’s insignia is a winged torch which symbolises their ability to lead the way for airborne operations. Used during WW2 it was not officially adopted until 1964, 20 years after the Pathfinder’s most significant operation during the early hours of D-Day.

This really is a brilliant book, the photography throughout, especially of equipment and soldiers wearing and operating are superb. Worth every penny to anyone interested in military history - highly recommended. Thanks very much to Pen & Sword for our copy.  



ISBN: 978-8496658554

Price: approx £20

Pages: 159

Format: hardback - 305mm x 218mm

Publisher: Andrea Press

Website: www.andreapresspublishing.com