Israel Defence Forces Special Edition

reviewed for Military Modelling by Paul Carter

Renowned Spanish modeller Mig Jimenez has released a number of modelling products through the years, when working alongside Vallejo and AK, but in more recent times under his own name label, Ammo at Mig Jimenez. 

  Obviously well known for his weathering sets and filters, Mig has also released a number of highly rated acrylic paints, both generic and specifically mixed authentic type colours. 

  Recently released is a set focussed on the Israeli Defence Force. Consisting of six 17ml bottles, the set is made up of MIG-066 Faded Sinai Grey, MIG-067 Light Sand Grey, MIG-068 IDF Green, MIG-131 Real IDF Sinai Grey 1982 and MIG-049 Red.

  Advertised as the definitive collection (according to the box), the colours have all been matched to the real paint, so they should look entirely authentic. The set is advertised as good for both Airbrush and Hairy brush; I tried MIG-132 Real IDF Sand Grey 1973 with a Hairy brush on a test piece and it does apply well with no thinner, drying quickly with a decent finish.

  There is no question that sets like this take a lot of the pain out of getting the right colours for a certain model and with the Mig Jimenez provenance you can probably assume they are a good match for what they purport to be. Based on that, if you plan to do a range of IDF vehicles I would suggest these are ideal and I would recommend them, to be honest the price is a bargain for the set. If you are planning on making just a single vehicle, maybe buy the paints separately to meet the period you require.


Product: Paints

Ref: AMIG 7163

Scale: n/a

Parts: 6

Price: approx £11.80

Manufacturer: Ammo Mig Jimenez