KFS Press Release

As a general press release, please find below details & a few pictures of our latest addition to the KFS 1/24th scale 'British Cold War Classics' range. Please feel free to use these pictures & the information below for print or web publication. Please contact us for more information if required.

01205 480766

Pt No TQ-225 English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 SAM.

1/24th scale, 59 resin parts, 41 in white metal, & 114 in brass etch in two thicknesses, plus waterslide decals & full pictorial build instructions. Stands 11" tall in ground mount role with missile elevated to launch position.

Our comprehensive kit offers the complete missile with its 4 wheel transporter/launcher trailer. Axles can be removed & the launcher lowered to the ground. The launcher rotates 360 degrees & elevates from horizontal to 50 degrees for launch.

The English Electric Thunderbird surface to air guided missile was adopted by the British army in 1959 as a highly mobile air defence weapon & served until 1977 before the last battery was re-equipped with the Rapier system. It ran for many years in direct competition with the similar looking Bloodhound system that was developed by Bristol & ordered for the RAF. At battery strength, the 4 missile transporter/launcher trailers (which were converted from the Bofors 40/70 carriage) would be towed by Bedford RL prime movers. The battery also consisted of AEC Militant prime movers & 6 generator trailers for power & hydraulics, 2 radar trailers & 4 missile re-supply trailers. The launcher could be re-loaded with another missile, complete with launcher cradle, from the re-supply trailer, without the aid of a crane.