Lifecolor Imperial Japan Navy WWII, Late War Set 2

Reviewed for Military Modelling by Paul Carter

Italian manufacturer Lifecolor already has a large range of colour sets in their Catalogue, and a recent addition is the Imperial Japanese Navy WW II, Late War Set 2 (Set 1 reviewed in MM Feb2017). 

  Consisting of six 22ml bottles of Acrylic Satin paint, UA649 Cammo Green Type 1, UA650 Cammo Green Type 2, UA651 Belmatsu Deck Tan, UA652 Hinoki Deck Tan, UA653 Cammo Green Type 21, UA654 Cammo Green Type 22.     These paints are both Airbrush and hairy brush compatible. When used in an Airbrush, the paints can be applied without thinning, and while Lifecolor obviously recommend their own thinner or tap water, I used distilled water to thin the paint which seemed to do the job adequately.  The paint flowed very nicely. Quite Opaque, I found myself forced down the many thin layers of paint route rather than one thick layer, which is I feel is probably a good learning point as a novice Airbrusher.    Applied with a brush, the paints again adhere to the model really well. I tried the paint both thinned and unthinned straight out of the bottle, in both cases the paint flowed smoothly off the brush with no nasty surprises. 

  The bottom line is, that similar as to using any new range of paints, everyone will find their own way to use the products to get the results they require. The Colours themselves are very nice, easy to use and will leave you with good results. Paired alongside Set 1, these really do represent a good one stop shop for those who build late Imperial Japanese Navy ships; I really do recommend these sets. 

  Thanks to the Airbrush Company for the review samples and I would urge you to look at the full range at


Product: Paint Set

Ref: LC-CS37

Parts: 6

Price: £17.50

Manufacturer: Lifecolor/Astromodel