Casemate, Luftwaffe in Colour, The Victory Years, 1939-42

Title:  Luftwaffe in Colour...
Author: Christophe Coney and Jean-Louis Roba
Publisher:  Casemate Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-61200-408-2

...The Victory Years 1939 - 1942

Colour photography was still young in WW2, and while the Agfa company had started producing film similar in style to Kodak in the USA, it was still hard to get hold of and relatively expensive.  It was also a case that the German propaganda service took up most of it, making it difficult, though not impossible, for others to get hold of.  This new book holds 300 or so colour photos of Lufwaffe subjects, some of which will be recognisable because they were used widely in wartime propaganda and have been seen in books many times over the years.  wever, that is a high proportion of them which have not been generally seen before, from company and individuals private collections, and they have been collected together in this one title, covering the 'Victory Years'.

The contents are divided across 9 parts, and these are The Pre-War Period; From Poland to Sitzkrieg; Blitzkrieg in the West; The Battle of Britain and the Blitz; Merita and Merkur - Blitz in the Blakans; Operation Barbarossa; African Adventure and the Mediterranean Front; In the West; and finally, The Second Line - Schools, Factories and Training.

As I have already said, somee of the pictures will be very familiar but the others have a host of new material that I think will interest the aviation enthusiast as well as the modeller.  Some of the aircraft types pictures are quite rare to see in any photos, let alone in colour.  Examples that come to mind in here are captured machines, such as Wellington, Spitfire and Hurricane all in German hands, a DH 89 Dragon Rapide, in use by the Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front and the large Junkers G.38 along with a number of sea-planes.  Add these to the more common types such as Ju52, Ju87, Me 109, Ju88 etc and it gives an excellent selection.  Added to this are useful references on uniforms and smaller bits of airfield equipment, plus a number of diorama ideas for the modeller.  With weather conditions varying from winter snow to the heat of the North African desert, there is plenty of variety to be seen.

Colour film, particularly in thiose early days, and how it has been kept means that the representation of the colours in some are as varied as the subject matter, so a few can be a bit dark and so on.  Nevertheless, this is a super collection of images and a real pleasure to see them in colour rather than the more common black and white pictures from the period.

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