Wall with Door (MAC35161)

This item arrives in a small cardboard box and the contents are well protected with bubble wrap and polystyrene chips. Once the box is emptied the modeller will find two short walls, one long wall, a corner post all cast in a medium grey resin. Macone models have used a water based resin it feels similar to plaster and can be easily damaged for those wishing to detail their wall. Please note the normal precautions should be undertaken as this is still a resin product. Also included inside the box are two cardboard laser cut gates with three cardboard frets to detail the gates and two lamps to place either side of the gates. Each of the lamps comprises of a body, base, top, bulb and an acetate sheet for the glazing. There is a helpful template supplied and enough acetate to allow for a few cutting errors.

The walls are of a simple block design commonly seen across the world and feature a simple ‘art-deco’ design that will allow the modeller to add a splash of colour to the tops of the wall. The ornate gates lend themselves to the laser cut process and the modeller will need to look at the online instructions to avoid damaging the delicate frets that are thin laser cut card. Instructions and guidance are available online at Macone Models.

This set will allow the modeller to configure the build as they see fit to create a vignette or to add a corner detail into a diorama, if the modeller builds this as depicted on the front of the box the front wall will measure 155mm and the shorter wall will measure 57mm. In scale the walls are 2.65m tall and the gates measure 3.2m at their highest with the bulk of the gate measuring 2.35m, the gates are a fraction over 3.5m wide but lack hinges so these will need to be scratch built if required. Highly recommended for all modellers and diorama builders the only limitation would be the modellers imagination and painting and weathering this set will certainly provide the opportunity to produce a striking finish. Priced at a quite reasonable €19.90.

My thanks go to Juan Macone for supplying these samples, all of These sets can be ordered direct from Macone Models ( www.maconemodels.com ) postage is quite reasonable within Europe.