Macone Models 1/35 Mortar Artillery Syria

This release is a little unusual as it is represents an improvised weapon seen during the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The various militias are often repurposing or building improvised weapon platforms using available materials.

This package contains one such weapon, known as Jahannam (Hell) Cannon, a smoothbore improvised mortar. It was designed to fire gas cylinders filled with shrapnel and an explosive. The manufacturers added a tail for stabilising and a basic impact fuse. Aid agencies have criticised these weapons as they have proven to be widely inaccurate and quite indiscriminate.

Arriving in a plastic package designed to protect the contents during shipping, inside the pack the modeller will find 16 pieces cast in grey resin, two square styrene strips and a single piece of textured styrene sheet.

Assembly is relatively straightforward; take care positioning the tube on the base. The short resin support should be used to position the tube. I did not do this and replaced the short support with a section of square styrene. It can be easier to drill the rear of the wheel hubs rather than to trim the axle stubs. There are no guides to aid positioning the mortar tail or the fuse; it is easier to mark the centres and drill a small pilot hole. The styrene sheet is larger than required and needs to be trimmed to size.

Painting will be entirely up to the modeller; the base can be painted in a wide variety of colours. The finished model should be weathered to match any diorama base of vignette.

Highly recommended for all modellers who want to feature something from the current conflict in Syria.


Product: Plastic accessory

Ref: MAC35011

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 16

Price: €22 (approx £20)

Manufacturer: Macone Models