Macone Models Asphalt Base Large & Short

Macone Models are a small Spanish manufacturer producing a varied range of accessories and detailing sets in a variety of scales.

Asphalt Base Large - This simple and effective resin base arrives in a medium sized ziplock bag. This light grey resin base measures 273mm x 160mm and displays a number of features commonly seen on modern roadways. Cleanly cast in a medium grey resin this base displays a drainage grid, circular drain cover, three seams/expansion joints, damaged section and a patched section.

This base is large enough to accommodate an AFV and a couple of figure and comes recommended for those modellers who want a simple base to display a modern AFV or as part of larger diorama.

Asphalt Base Short - This small base cast in a medium grey resin arrives in a small ziplock bag measuring 200mm x 95mm. My base was slightly warped but it was immersed in very hot water and then allowed to cool in a press, although you could use a heavy book instead.

This smaller base features a drainage grid, a partial drain cover and three seams/expansion joints. This section of roadway appears to be heavily worn more so than Macone’s larger roadway base. It is large enough to accommodate a small AFV, such as a BMP 2 in its entirety or a smaller vehicle like a Humvee or Gaz Tiger and a couple of figures. This simple but effective base is available at a reasonable price. My thanks to Juan Macone for supplying these samples.


Product: Plastic accessory

Ref: MAC35162 (Large) & 35163 (Short)

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 2

Price: €13.00 (Large) & €8.00 (Short)

Manufacturer: Macone Models