MAFVA Nationals

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The annual UK show of the Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association took place at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford on Sunday, 15th June.

It's an event I've been travelling down to for the last few years, and it's outside location in a huge marquee, and friendly atmosphere, make it one of the best shows of the year! Plus of course, there's so much more going on than just the MAFVA Nationals themselves! For example, there's the Military Vehicle show held next to the MAFVA marquee, and the Museum itself of course!

Imperial War Museum Duxford

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The say began early for me, as I had to leave early at 4am for the drive down to the show. Although this would get me to the show long before it opened to the public, it gives me time to catch up with some of the traders and other friends before they get too busy with customers!

The day was absolutely beautiful as I drove down to Duxford....not even a wisp of cloud in the sky! Unfortunately that didn't last however, and by 11 am the clouds had rolled in, although thankfully there was no rain during the day.

Although some people have said that the show is expensive...and it is by modelling show standards....the cost of course, covers entrance to everything else happening on the day, such as mentioned above, and I can almost guarantee that you won't find yourself bored, or with nothing to do during the day. In fact, you'll probably find that at the end of the day there will be loads of things you simply haven't managed to find time to go and see. This happened to me yet again this year, this time around failing to get up to the Land Warfare Hall or the American Air Museum collection, which was right next door to the MAFVA Marquee, which is always worth an hour or two. Happily, I can browse the pics I took there last year, which can be found in last years report!

MAFVA Nationals 2007

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Inside the huge marquee that holds the MAFVA Nationals, there are numerous traders lining the sides, with clubstands arranged down the middle. Right at the end you could find the MAFVA stand itself, where all the hardwork was going on, such as organizing etc., and just in front of this, the competition tables. Although there were a few classes not particularly well-subscribed too, the tables looked reasonably full by mid-afternoon when judging began. You can find a list of the winners in each class at the end of this article.

All too soon it was 1pm and members from the website began to congregate around the refreshments. Andy Mitchell, Craig Hisock, John Nolan, Craig White, Rob Impey, Michael McLaughlin, Brian Balkwill, Andy Mitchell and myself where there, and later in the afternoon Spurty and Debz found me at the other end of the marquee.

Instead of waffling on for pages about how good a time we all had, I have posted all the pictures we took in a special gallery. Take the time to browse it, there are some great pics, and hopefully, petrol prices notwithstanding, we'll see you there next year!



Class 1 - Small Scale Tracked Armour - Kit

1st - Andy Burton - Panzer III Ausf. L, eastern front, winter 1942
2nd - Andy Burton - Panzer III Ausf. M, 2.Panzer-Division, August 1943
3rd - Olaf Kievit - IDF Merkava 2D

Class 2 - Small Scale Tracked Amour - conversion

1st - Doug Santillo - Sherman 'Eyal' obersvation vehicle
2nd - Olaf Kievit - IDF M1 Sherman
3rd - Mike Gill - Churchill with Single Onion

Class 4 - Small Scale Wheeled or Tracked AFV - Kit

1st - Chris Grove - VAB
2nd - Paul Hefford - Autoblinda AB41

Class 7 - Small Scale Softskin - Kit

1st - John Ham - GMC CCKW 353 truck
2nd - Dave Blomley - Humber Snipe utility
3rd - Mike Gill - Faun tank transporter

Class 8 - Small Scale Softskin - Conversion

1st - Dave Blomley - Lancia 3RO caravan
2nd - Dave Blomley - Citroen ambulance
3rd - Mike Gill - Leyland Retriever wireless body

Class 10 - Small Scale Diorama

1st - Dominique Jadoul - 'Witamy'
2nd - Paul Hefford - 'Hunting Tigers'
3rd - Dominique Jadoul - 'No pasarán!'

Class 11 - Large Scale Tracked Armour - Kit

1st - Ramon Wilson - Merkava Mk. 1
2nd - David Grummitt - Panzer III Ausf. J
3rd - Dave Halliday - T-34 early

Class 12 - Large Scale Tracked Armour - Conversion

1st - Colin Rosenwould - FV3802
2nd - Dave Cole - Bergepanzer III
3rd - Colin Rosenwould - M113 TLAV

Class 14 - Large Scale Wheeled or Half-track AFV - Kit

1st - Len Swaisland - Lanchester armoured car
2nd - Andrew Tingey - Sd.Kfz. 222
3rd - Steve Evans - 6-wheel armoured car

Class 15 - Large Scale Wheeled or Half-track AFV - Conversion

1st - Dave Cole - Sd.Kfz. 250/6 ammunition carrier
2nd - Colin Rosenwould - AVGP Grizzly

Class 17 - Large Scale Softskin - Kit

1st - James Campling - M4 High Speed Tractor
2nd - Paul Warner - M5 High Speed Tractor & M1 howitzer
3rd - Spike Judd - Soviet 100mm BS-3 and tractor

Class 18 - Large Scale Softskin - Conversion

1st - Peter Mells - RFC Packard ambulance

Class 19 - Large Scale Softskin - Scratchbuilt

1st - Len Swaisland - 10-ton Leyland Hippo & trailer

Class 20 - Large Scale Diorama

1st - David Grummitt - 'Hungary, 1945'
2nd - Andy Burton - M4A3 Sherman 105mm, December 1944
3rd - Steve Evans - 'Panther maintenance'

Class 21 - Artillery without Towing Vehicle

1st - James Campling - US 8" howitzer
2nd - Nigel Norfork - 8.8cm FlaK 36
3rd - B Wood - French 75mm, WW1

Class 22 - Junior

1st - Chris Cooper-Davies - Mobile canteen
2nd - Chris Cooper-Davies - BT-5

Class 23 - Junior Open

1st - Rob Wood - Battle weary
2nd - Rory Ballard - Orc
3rd - Jack Ward - Tunnel store

Class 24 - Senior Open

1st - Matt Edwards - Prisoners
2nd - Shaun Symonds - Zebra striped PT boat
3rd - Matt Edwards - 'To victor the spoils'

Class 25 - Open - Figures

1st - Steve Evans - Stalingrad
2nd - James Campling - 'Fire and fury', Iwo Jima
3rd - Geoff Woods - British infantry officer, 1815