Master Box 1/35 Under Fire. Modern US Infantry

The drama and action of live combat is captured well in the art work of this latest figure set from Master Box. ‘Under Fire. Modern US Infantry presents a scene quite typical during combat of one man providing cover, another in support (lightly wounded) re-loading, while a third man receives treatment for a more severe leg wound. The box illustration by I Varavin inspires the builder, while the excellent sculpting by A Gagarin encourages you to get stuck in! All parts are held on a single sprue and on the rear of the box a good number guide and images of the finished figure, make construction a straight forward affair. A small colour chart, more aimed at the beginner, rather than the seasoned figure modeller will give you a basic guide to which paint to use where. Presented as a set in their own right or interspersed as part of another diorama, these figures are excellent quality and a useful addition to the ‘modern’ modeller’s inventory.

Thanks to MB Models for our sample and to Creative Models for supplying it. ‘Under Fire’ is available from  

First published in MM4711

Product: Plastic figure set

Ref: MB35193

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 65

Price: £11.50 (Creative Models)

Manufacturer: Master Box (MB)