HMS Rodney (29)

I must admit when I first laid my eyes on the kit, I was quite taken by the nice box art and purposeful looking box. The ill-fitting lid did not put me off and I was encouraged by the AK interactive colour chart on one side. I completely missed the text under the name of ship stating ‘Fast snap-fit design’ and ‘All the parts pre-coloured’! It was only after I had assembled (thinking this was dry-fitting well) the hull up to the main deck that it dawned on me what we had here. This Meng produced warship had me thinking that this was a Trumpeter standard kit right up to the early assembly stage!

In its defence the parts on crisply produced and once finished, gives us a reasonably good looking version of this famous battleship without the use of any glue or paint. I should be quite happy at this stage but it’s the cost and what standard of modeller this is actually punted at which makes me scratch my head. This is a perfect introduction to warship modelling but how on earth you are going to encourage novice modellers into this hobby by charging them £35.99 is beyond me! The kit has been produced in association with the National Maritime Museum and I’m wondering if we are paying for that privilege. I can recommend this kit to beginners but only if you can get your hands on one for a third of the price!  

Thanks very much to Creative Models for our example.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: PS-001

Scale: 1/700

Parts: approx 90    

Price: £35.99

Manufacturer: Meng