Meng Russian GAZ 233115 ‘Tiger-M’ SPN SPV

The GAZ Tigr (‘Tiger’) is an all-terrain 4x4 which first entered Russian Army service in 2006 and with production unrelenting looks to remain in that position for many years to come. With development continuing the vehicle represented here is the 233115 ‘Tiger-M’ which features a YaMZ-534 diesel engine, an armoured bonnet, smoke grenade launcher and much improved brakes. The ‘Tiger-M’ also has a rotatable weapon mount on the roof which is accessed via a foldable hatch which is larger enough for two soldiers. Either a 30mm AGS-17 grenade launcher or Pecheneg PKP 7.62mm machine gun can installed on the rotatable mount. 

This latest Meng release is a late 2016 rebox of the 2013 original which includes a few new parts. There are seven individually bagged main sprues, a single piece ‘Chassis’, a Main Hull, a single piece ‘Frame’ (actually the chassis to you and me), five good quality rubber tyres and a small PE sheet. A standard Meng black and white 20-page instruction booklet guides the builder through 31 stages. A most pleasant build from the outset which begins with the transmission and suspension being mounted to the ‘Frame’ followed by the gearbox, ammo racks, seats and plethora of interior parts which includes a choice of two dashboards. The one-piece Main Hull saves a lot of work with regard to aligning panels although the bonnet is sealed which to be honest is no issue as there is no engine to be seen anyway!

A very purposeful kit of a purposeful vehicle; highly recommended and widely available at considerably less than the retail price. Thanks to Creative Models for our sample which is available from


Product: Construction kit


Ref: VS-008

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 210+ (Inc.PE)

Price: £34.99 (Creative Models)

Manufacturer: Meng