MiniArt 1/16 Roman Legionary 1st Century A.D. (Historical Figures Series)

One of a series of 1/16 figures produced by MiniArt, this example, a 1st Century A.D. Roman Legionary first came out in 2007. Basically a professional heavy infantryman, a Legionary served Rome for a period of 25 years. This MiniArt kit is a typical example equipped with a shield (scutum), a short sword (gladius), a pair of sandals (caligae) and standard, for the period, Lorica segmentata armour complete with shoulder blades, groin protection and helmet (galea).

This is a very good entry level 1/16 figure from which a beginner can learn a lot from or a more experienced modeller could spend a vast amount of time and effort improving on the original. Our man is made up from two sprues; the first containing the major body parts and armour while the second holds the shield, sword and helmet. A basic plinth is also provided as well as a reasonable quality decal for the shield. As can be expected for a kit in this price range, some cleaning up will be required and maybe a little persuasion to help certain parts fit. However, the detail is to a good standard; the body armour, groin protector, helmet and sandals are quite well done.

There are no instructions, just a single sheet, colours on one side depicting the Legionary and annotating the part positions while on the rear is a line drawing of the sprues. I would mention that the box art is pretty impressive and inspiring.        

This example was purchased from Creative Models.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 16005

Scale: 1/16

Parts: 46

Price: RRP £11.99

Manufacturer: MiniArt