MiniArt 1/35 Flettner FL 282 V-6 ‘Kolibri’

Designed by German aviation engineer and inventor Anton Flettner, the FL 282 Kolibri single-seat helicopter made its maiden flight in 1941. A development of the FL 265, the FL 282 featured the same intermeshing rotor blades with power provided by a 160hp Bramo air-cooled radial engine. Although only 24 of this particular model were built, the FL 282 is recognised as the world’s first production helicopter. It was only through effective Allied air raids that production was so small as the German Air Ministry had placed an order for BMW to build 1,000 of them.

This new tool from MiniArt came out in late 2017 and this unusual machine, especially in 1/35, fills an important gap in both military and aviation history. This kit is specifically the sixth prototype (V-6), an aircraft that enjoyed a busy test flying career. The wonderful art work on the box draws you in straight away and inside you will find nine main sprues, one small PE sheet, one decal sheet and a high quality A4 instruction booklet.

A completely unconventional aircraft deserves an unconventional build which begins with the main fuselage and quickly launches into a detail Bramo engine and its unique gearbox configuration. The structure of the aircraft goes together very well and the detail is excellent. Obviously the cockpit is basic compared to other flying machines but can still be detailed with PE straps and decal instruments.

There are four finishing options, all beautifully displayed on the inside front cover and the last three pages of the instruction booklet. Multi-view colour profiles provide info for FL 282 V-6 on board the minelayer Drache in November 1942 and January 1943; ‘Grief’ floating base tests in August 1942 and aboard the anti-submarine ship KUJ-13 in April/May 1943. 

This is a brilliant subject and a brilliant kit. Thanks to all at MiniArt for this sample.  


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 41001

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 185

Price: £37.99 (Creative Models)

Manufacturer: MiniArt