MiniArt 1/35 Panzerschreck RpzB.54 & Ofenrohr RpzB.43 Set

(WWII Military Miniatures)

Introduced in late 1943, the Ofenrohr (‘Stove Pipe’) was an anti-tank launcher which fired a solid fuel HEAT warhead. The ‘Stove Pipe’ nickname for this device came about because of the amount of blast, smoke and toxic fumes which resulted immediately after firing, forcing the operators to wear protective gear, including a gas mask. With a multitude of nicknames the Panzerschreck was a successful reusable anti-tank rocket launcher which was developed by the Germans during the Second World War. The lightweight Ofenrohr and Panzerschreck and could fire an 88mm round against a target up to 150 metres away and in the right hands knocked out hundreds of Allied tanks during the final two years of the war.

A new tool, this set from MiniArt allows the builder to produce multiple Ofenrohr and Panzerschreck rocket launchers complete with a substantial amount of ammunition. The box art gives an immediate clue to the potential of what you have here and the rear of the box gives full instructions, sprue and PE count and a multi-company paint chart. Inside the box you will find 18 sprues, an incredibly comprehensive PE sheet and a Decograph decal sheet. The plastic components are nicely moulded and detailed; the latter being enhanced further by the large number of PE details which will test your patience to the max but the reward will be worth it!     

A brilliant aftermarket set to equip your Axis troops. Thanks very much to the staff at MiniArt for this excellent sample.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 35263

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 192 + 134 PE

Price: RRP £12.35 (Creative Models)

Manufacturer: MiniArt