Mirror Models 1/35 CMP F15 Water Truck 15cwt 4x2

Over half a million CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) trucks were built by General Motors of Canada Ltd and Ford and Chrysler Canada between 1940 and 1945. This incredible number made up two-thirds of all military vehicle production in Canada during the Second World War, which is why the CMP is so synonymous with that country. Our example here, produced by County Clare-based Mirror Models, is the F15, the ‘F’ indicating that it was built by Ford. All Ford-built CMPs were powered by a 95hp 3.9ltr V8 engine including the F15 15cwt 4x2 with a 101in wheel base represented here. There were also a number of different cabs and in this case you have the option of building the water truck with a Cab 11 or Cab 13 style.

Mirror Models first brought the F15 out in 2012 (35105 with Cab 11 and 12 options) and to date; this is fourth kit since to be released with new parts. A fifth kit, the CMP F15A Cab 13 (35167) has also been brought out at the same time as this. The new parts for this kit would be those involved in the construction of the water tank itself and the hose and tool boxes mounted either side of it.

In typical Mirror Models fashion the high quality box is only marginally big enough to handle the 540 plus parts and once opened you have no choice but to start building it, as you never get the parts back in again! Inside the box you will be confronted by 14 sprues (including one for the glass work), five tyres, two PE sheets, one piece of rubber tubing, one copper and one brass piece of wire, an A4, 16-page black and white instruction booklet and a double sided, full colour glossy colour guide for four different vehicles.  

You will need to spend quite some time deciding upon which version of the truck you are going to build because as well as the two different cab options, the Cab 13 variant is a F15A with four wheel drive, details of which are introduced into the build quite late. It is possible, if you are not thinking straight, that you could end up with the Cab 11 (F15) with a 4x4 chassis which did not exist! In a similar style to Bronco, the chassis, cross beams, engine, gearbox and suspension etc. are superbly detailed and in the case of the F15, is more exposed than most military vehicles. While basic, the interior of the CMPs cab has everything place and decals are provided for the few, basic instruments.

The painting and marking guide has two options for each of the Cab 11 and 13 versions; the former is for a vehicle in Canadian and Italian service while the latter displays a Canadian and British version. The few colours recommended have been selected from the Ammo Mig Jimenez range.  

The side of the box states that this is suitable for average modellers but from my experience a little bit above average will be needed to make a proper job of this kit. Thanks to Pocketbond/Bachmann Europe PLC who are the UK distributor for this kit; please visit www.pocketbond.co.uk.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 35166

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 350+ plus PE

Price: £43.99 (Pocketbond by Bachmann)

Manufacturer: Mirror Models

Website: www.mirror-models.com