Mission Models Paint

Over the years I think one becomes accustomed to their surroundings, the same can be said when it comes down to products used in modelling. When I first started many years ago about the only paint on the market was either Airfix or Humbrol as time progressed other brands started to immerge along with other mediums. No longer did we have enamel but now we had acrylic and new names to go with it such as Tamiya, Vallejo Mr Color etc. etc.

 Another new name on the block, well new to me, is Mission Models an American Company made up of modellers and businessmen from Salt Lake City, Utah who were established in 2001. The company have only been producing the paint for about 12 months it has only been available in the UK for approximately 5 months at time of writing.

 I am lucky enough to be asked by Military Modelling Editor Martyn Chorlton to evaluate some of Mission Models acrylic paints which had kindly been supplied by Tiger Hobbies Limited of Rotherham. The products supplied were MMP-039 British Sand Yellow Modern AFV, MMP-020 US Army Olive Drab Faded 1 FS 34088, MMP-033 NATO Brown, MMP-034 NATO Green, MMP-037 IDF Sandgrey Version 1, MMP-038 US Desert Tan Modern 2 FS 33446, MMP-014 Panzer Grey RAL 7021 and MMP-009 Olivgrun RAL 6003. Each of these paints comes in a 1Fl oz. bottle with a ball bearing inside for easy mixing. The bottles have a dropper screw top with a foil film seal please be careful when removing this seal as the bottles are full.

 Also supplied with the paint was a bottle of the company’s thinner/ airbrush cleaner (Orange Label) and a bottle of polyurethane mix additive (White Label) this is an acrylic non-solvent based paint additive which when added along with the thinner will increase flow from the airbrush and reduce drying times.

 To test the paints I first sprayed the backs of some plastic tea spoons in Grey, Red, White and Black Halford’s Primer. I then put 10 drops of paint in a container and added 1 drop of thinners and 1 drop of the additive. This is the manufacturer’s specifications. I must say I thought the mixture was a little too thick but I followed the recommendations. Using my Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush I set the compressor at 15 psi and began spraying the spoons primed in Grey first. Each spoon was painted with the 10 drop mixture so I could asses how the paint covered then several light coats were built up until the paint ran out. The coverage was superb with some of the spoons not really needing the full 10 drops. I did notice that the IDF Sandgrey and the NATO Green did take more coats to build up a good finish. With this information I decided to use these two colours to see how they covered the Red, White and Black Primers. The result was the IDF Sandgrey covered all with a satisfactory finish however the NATO Green could have done with a couple more coats over the Red Primer to get a good finish as you can see in the pictures.  

 Further tests were carried out using different setting on the AB and compressor all resulting in a very pleasing finish. I also tried the paint with Tamiya Thinners X-20A and Mr Color Thinner 400 and both products were compatible.  I cleaned my AB using the Tamiya thinners in the usual manner followed by a rinse through with water. To finish off the review I reverted back to the old ways and used a brush. The results were quite pleasing with it only taking two coats of the majority of the paints to cover the Grey primed surface.

 All in all I found Mission Models Paints to have an excellent finish and very economical as a little goes a far. I know in the future I will be buying this product and I would highly recommend it. For any further information about Mission Paints visit their web site here www.missionmodelsus.com

 I would like to say a big thank you to Gary at Tiger Hobbies Limited of Rotherham www.tigerhobbies.co.uk for kindly suppling the product and thank you to Martyn Chorlton for allowing me to review them.


Product: Additives & Paints  

Ref: MMA-001 & 002 (Additives); MMP-009/020/033/034/037//038 & 039 (Paints)

Price: £5.99ea (Paints); £8.99 (Additives)

Manufacturer: Mission Models

Website: www.missionmodelsus.com