MJ Miniatures ‘Erich Hartmann’ (Luftwaffe Ace Pilot in WW2)

The phenomenally successful Luftwaffe fighter pilot Major Erich Alfred Hartmann was credited with an astonishing 352 allied aircraft shot down during 1,404 combat missions during the Second World War. The vast majority of his victories were Soviet and it is equally astonishing that ‘Bubi’ (one of his German nicknames) had to crash land no less than 14 times all of these incidents being caused by shrapnel from his exploding victim or mechanical failure; not once was he brought down by enemy fire! After a brutal period as a Soviet POW after the war, Hartmann joined the West German Air Force in 1956; his first task was serving as the commander of Jbg 71, Germany’s first all-jet fighter unit. He remained in the WGAF until 1970 and passed away at the age of 71 in 1993.

  Supplied in a typically sturdy box, this MJ Miniatures 1/9 resin bust of Hartmann is supplied in just four components. These are the upper torso, a display pole, a cap and a pair of heads, one designed for the cap and one without. The lovely box art is produced by Man-Jin Kim and the sculpting is by Ho, Seo. There are a couple of bulky moulding mounts on the right-hand side of the torso and at the rear of the cap which need dealing with, but apart from that, your clean up time will be minimal. The sculpting is crisp and up to MJ Miniatures usual high standard; the zips and stitching on the jacket and the epaulettes are particularly nice. Hartmann has been portrayed in pensive mood which is my only weak criticism; I would have preferred this fighter pilot to be smiling in the same way he was regularly portrayed in period images.

A highly recommended figure from MJ; a great rendition of this incredible man. Thanks to Man-Jin, Kim at MJ Miniatures for this bust which is available from his website or a wide number of online outlets. 


Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: MJ09-010

Scale: 1/9

Parts: 4

Price: approx £40

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures

Website: www.mj-miniatures.co.kr