MJ Miniatures 1/10 ‘Werner Moelders’ (Luftwaffe Ace)

Born in March 1913, by the time the Second World War had begun, Werner Mölders was already an experienced fighter pilot. Having joined the Luftwaffe in 1934, Molders gained, like so many other German fighter pilots, valuable experience during the Spanish Civil War and by the end of it had shot down 14 aircraft. Mölders tally continued to climb during the Battle of France, Battle of Britain and during Operation Barbarossa by which time (July 1941) he had reached 100 victories. Mölders went on to chalk up 115 victories before he was withdrawn from operational flying and allocated the task of Inspector of Fighters. Ironically and considering the amount of action Mölders had been involved in he was destined to die in a flying accident whilst trying to attend the funeral of Ernst Udet. The He111 in which he was travelling as a passenger from the Crimea tried to land in a thunderstorm at Breslau but crashed killing all on board. 

Supplied in a typically sturdy box, this MJ Miniatures 1/10 resin bust of Mölders is supplied in just five components. These are the upper torso, a brass display pole, a cap and a pair of heads, one designed for the cap and one without. The box art and the sculpting are by Jae-Kwon, Yoo. As with all of these quality busts there are a couple of moulding mounts on the right-hand side of the torso and at the rear of the cap. The sculpting is excellent and the detail in the uniform is spot on, not to mention the badges and epaulettes. Mölder’s typical tight-lipped look is captured perfectly and this will make a great accompaniment to the previously reviewed Erich Hartmann bust; albeit a slightly different scale.  

Another highly recommended resin figure from MJ. Thanks to Man-Jin, Kim at MJ Miniatures for this bust which is available from his website or a wide number of online outlets.

Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: MJ09-007

Scale: 1/10

Parts: 5

Price: approx £35

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures

Website: www.mj-miniatures.co.kr