MJ Miniatures 75mm Louisiana Tiger (American Civil War)

Another unusual subject from the MJ Miniatures stable is this 75mm Louisiana Tiger from the American Civil War. ‘Tigers’ was a nickname for a band of infantry troops which hailed from the State of Louisiana. The name quickly rose in size to brigade level before the name was applied to all recruits from Louisiana within the Army of Northern Virginia. They were a fearsome group, with a reputation for fighting and playing hard.

This 75mm (1/24) figure arrives in a very sturdy box and comprises seven parts in a light brown/flesh coloured resin. It is sculpted by Greg Girault and the box art is by Man-Jin, Kim. These parts are made up of the main figure, the head, left arm with revolver, a hand, finial, flag, brass rod for flag and a base. As usual, clean-up is minimal, the only challenge being the removal of some casting plugs.

A very nice figure indeed which really does look very impressive when presented in the Tiger Zouave style as per the box art. Yet another cracker that I can only highly recommended to the figure building/painting fraternity.   

Thanks to Man-Jin, Kim at MJ Miniatures for this bust which is available from his website or a wide number of online outlets. 


Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: MJ75-002

Scale: 75mm (1/24)

Parts: 7 plus a brass rod

Price: approx £36

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures

Website: www.mj-miniatures.co.kr