Harpia Publishing, Modern Israeli Airpower

Title:  Modern Israeli Air Power...
Author: Thomas Newdick and Ofer Zidon
Publisher:  Harpia Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-9854554-2-2

...Aircraft and Units of the Israeli Air Force

This is the second of a series of books from Harpia Publishing that I have seen and this one really is a beauty.  For as many years as I can recall the Israeli military have been very protective about information on their units and equipment.  There has been some information available but I haven't seen such a comprehensive look at the aircraft, the units and their bases in one place before.  It is also a case that like so many countries around the world, they are looking to make reductions in their armed forces through reorganization while still keeping the equipment up to date.

This 250 age book holds 15 chapters and 3 appendices.  It opens with the first chapter covering a Brief History, going from the 1948 War of Independence then section by section through to the planned reorganizations of the present day.  Chapter 2 outlines the various military missions undertaken in the 21st Century, so since 2000 while chapter 3 considers International Activities in the same period, which includes exercises with other nations and how they have got involved in various Humanitarian Missions.  It is in chapter 4 that we get to detail on each of the many Aircraft Types operated by the Israeli Air Force.  There are the fighters such as the F15I and various models of the F16 which form their Fighter arm, while looking forward it will be the F-35 that will come into play.  Then you get to the Transports, the Helicopters, assorted Special Mission aircraft, then UAVs and finally Trainers.  Throughout this section it is well illustrated with some superb photos of each one, helped by the fine and clear weather conditions common to the region.  Chapter 5 tackles the topic of Ordnance, much of which has been developed in Israel rather than relying wholly on foreign imports.

Chapters 6 through to 14 each deal with an individual air base, with a brief history of it along with the units based there and the aircraft types they operate.  This makes for interestin reading and all are accompanied by more of the excellent imagery.  The final chapter 15 deals with Air Defense Command, and in particular we see the defensive missiles such as the Patriot system that are in use in Israel.  With the three appendices at the back of the book you get the ISAF Order of Battle as it was in 2013 and these include the many colourful squadron badges which modellers particularly will like to see, and then one on ISAF Colours and Markings while the final one gives the current Hebrew names for the various aircraft types in service.

For anyone interested in the history, in military aviation generally or as a modeller, this provides a first class reference on the modern Israeli Air Force and a large number of excellent colour references for the multi-coloured camouflage schemes used by their machines which will be a boon for aircraft modellers.

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