Well, another model has made its' way out of the 'Parade of Shame', as Andy has described his backlog of unfinished models, and which he is undertaking to get finished after all.  Reflecting an interest in modern Russian equipment, this is the MT-LB built from the Skif Models kit.  The Skif kits can be rated as 'OK' I think is is fair to say, and indeed they have a few subjects which no-one else has done, the MT-LB included.  However, while not bad, they are not to the standards we have come to expect from the likes of Tamiya and Dragon, but with a bit if effort they can look quite good, as Andy has clearly demonstrated with this one.
For those who would like to know more about the build in these final stages, check out the Blog in the forum (link below) where Andy managed to ressurect this MT-LB from his own personal parade.   Thanks then to Andy for letting us have this set of photos of the finished model which you can see here.