Great new products from Accion Press

We’re introducing the new range of LANDSCAPES IN DETAIL products. All items have been created to meet the demands of the readers of our specials and these products are created with the intention of making a little easier the elaboration of our readers’ dioramas.

A kit of small stones for dioramas which includes four variants: two different kinds of stones in two different sizes. An ideal selection for recreating a riverbed, stone walls and all sorts of background props were stones are present. 

We’re widening our range of resin tree trunks, and now we’re offering a palm tree trunk. This is a very realistic piece faithfully molded in quality resin. If you wish to learn how to make a palm tree similar to this one, we recommend you to get the Landscapes of War vol. II “Hyperrealism in Nature” special by Rodrigo Hdez. Cabos.

Commercially available molds made from the master molds used for the Landscapes of War vol. III “Rural Environments” for creating bricks. There are two sizes available: 3x7mm and 4x9mm, both about 2mm thick. With these methacrylate molds it is very easy to make bricks using self-hardening clay. Once the bricks are dry, you can take them out of the mold and these will look basically like a scale version of the real thing. The type of clay mentioned is quite adequate for this because of its color and texture. These bricks also can be broken apart and crumbled in pretty much the same way that real bricks do this, becoming ideal rubble and debris material.

For those who only need some bricks for a specific purpose, we also offer molded bricks. There are two different blister packs available; the 3x7mm pack has 600 pieces and the 4x9mm pack 390.

We are also including in our range of products, some natural items such as lichen.
In order to recreate a wide range of stems and roots in scale, we offer two different sizes.

-LANDS 202 Medium sized lichen, suitable for recreating stems and roots of vines; you can see an example of how this is done in the Landscapes of War vol. II “Hyperrealism in Nature” by Rodrigo Hdez. Cabos. This product is also perfectly suitable for recreating jungle growth.
-LANDS 203 Small sized lichen, suitable for recreating bushes on dioramas

Acrylic resin stone wall in a 1/35 scale, made stone by stone using the stones included in the LANDS 103 kit which is also offered in this newsletter. The wall is the one made for the Landscapes of War vol III “Rural Environments” but made a whole lot wider in order to be used in both vignettes and dioramas. 

Just like the previous product, this stone wall has been made stone by stone but in a smaller size. The wall has been designed to match and fit the previous product, making room for a small door or a fence or simply be used on its own for smaller scenes.