A few announcements are due:
VXA030 Gallic Warriors now available. 48 figure set £29.95.
The Gauls were big, muscular and strong and made for fearsome adversaries. Their clothing was woven from wool and if you were a wealthy warrior would often be decorated with stripes or checked patterns. Ornate jewelry such as torques were a feature of the Gallic tribes and scabbards and swords would be beautifully crafted.
This superb set contains 48 x 28mm Gallic Warriors with command, armoured and unarmoured figures. Options for spears, swords and javelins. The set includes standards and musician's instruments plus many shield, arm and head choices.
VXA031 Gallic Naked Fanatics now available. 24 figure set £17.95.
The Gauls often fought naked wearing nothing but a sword belt and scabbard. They decorated themselves with flowing moustaches and spiked their hair with lime that caused it to turn blond.
The Gauls were markedly biggar and more muscular than their Mediterranean adversaries.
This set has many head and arm options and weapons include swords, spears and javelins plus a good variety of shields. This set contains 24 figures including arm options to create command figures. 
4 sets of Celtic shield transfers that go with the Victrix Gallic sets have been produced by LittleBigMenStudios. These are now available on the online shop.
Ancient British War Chariots.
This set is at the design stage and below you will see renders of Boudica and 2 fighting crew. There are 2 more fighting crew, 2 chariot riders, a druid and the chariots and horses still to do.