As everybody knows, Gordon Brown - owner of Cromwell models - has a large range of superb resin conversion sets and full kits, not just in the scale he's most well-known for, 1/72, but also in 1/35th as this latest batch of new releases show.

New Releases

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First up we have a German Kassbohrer heavy tank transporter, which just could be the one you've been after, since with this bit of kit you can depict your FAMO pulling a Panther, Tiger I or even a Tiger II around (at least on a good road!) Beautiful detail all over this one, and we'll have a full box review on this very shortly, followed by a full build feature! It should retail at £95.......but it's an awful lot of resin!

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Next up it's this Centurion conversion for the AFV kit, which will allow you to build a MkI and also a Mk II (I think!). There is also a magnificent Churchill ARV Mk II, which makes even me want to build an Allied engineering vehicle! For full details and prices take a look at Cromwell Models website.