Norman Invasion!

Hail Caesar Norman Bundle
Descendant from the ferocious Vikings, they've traded their taste for battle for more civilised European ways. Their appetite for conquest brought them to the shores of England, putting an end to Anglo-Saxon rule.
Hail Caesar Norman Heavy Infantry B
Hail Caesar Norman Heavy Infantry A
Equipped with chain mail and shields, these heavy infantrymen are the ideal choice to take the brunt of your opponents attack.
Hail Caesar Norman Unarmoured Cavalry B
Hail Caesar Norman Unarmoured Cavalry A
Sacrificing armour for added agility, these cavalry units are mostly suited for flanking or dealing with unprotected artillery or archery units.
Hail Caesar Norman Archers

Antares Support!

Gates of Antares Freeborn Compression Cannon
Obliterate enemy armour with the new Freeborn Support team with Compression Cannon.
Gates of Antares Boromite Heavy Mag Support
Providing superior fire support, the new Boromite Heavy Support team with Mag Heavy Support keeps your enemies pinned.