KFS TQ227 1/24 FV438 Swingfire ATGW Conversion kit

This 1/24th conversion kit is intended for use with our FV432 APC kit & includes 28 parts in highly quality polyurethane resin, 72 in white metal, plus etched brass & waterslide decals for the FV438 Swingfire anti-tank guided weapon system.

The kit provides stowage/launch bins for 14 missiles, armoured rear bins, detailed control unit, gunner & loader seats, highly detailed sights & turret interior including optional launch bin positions & 'in action' or 'stowed' periscope. A missile is also supplied for that 'in flight' display. Full instructions are included.

Price including UK vat £59.00 (£49.16 for export outside the EU) (in Stock Now)


Howard Whitehead
Kit Form Services

01205 480766