Jagdpanzer IV Part 2 L/70 (Sd.Kfz. 162/1)

Nuts & Bolts Vol.38 by Joachim Baschin and Martin Block

Nuts & Bolts has rapidly followed its excellent book about the Jagdpanzer IV L/48 with this about the longer-gun versions. That’s ’versions’ in the plural because it covers the original Vomag on its modified chassis and the Alkett with its superstructure on top of a PzKpfw IV body.

The text and photo captions are dual language English/German, with thanks to Vinnie Brannigan for help with the English wording. The book begins with a brief recap about development and a full technical description of the Vomag and the Alkett and the minor changes to the superstructure and the PzKpfw IV chassis. Next are notes about the planned Pz IV/70 (E) and other projects. This is followed by six pages about unit Tables of Organisation, camouflage and markings. Another 34 pages give the combat deployments of both versions with all user units, Heer and SS. Two more pages deal with known survivors and the modelling of both.

Then its period photographs, divided into sections with headings. From Pg.64 to 100 the main heading is Pz IV/70 (V) and the sections are indicated by extra words; thus Pgs.64 to 78 have the extra heading, ‘a technical view’ and give a walk-around look with period photos. Then 79 to 89 are ‘on the Western Front’ and 90 to 100 ‘on the Eastern Front’. The Alkett version gets the same treatment, with seven pages of ‘Technical view’, eight on the ‘Western Front’ and four on the ‘Eastern Front’. That’s about 150 in-service photos.

On Pg.120 we begin 18 pages of detailed plans and isometric drawings by the late John L Rue, to whom this book is dedicated. These cover the Vomag prototype and three vehicles produced at different times, as well as the Alkett trials vehicle and production type.

Pg.138 starts the colour section with 13 camouflage plates, each with the photo on which it is based identified and its place in this book noted and illustrations of the markings on five different 7.5 cm shells. The colour photo section then starts on Pg.147 with shots of surviving vehicles and runs to page 202 to give as much detail as any modeller could hope for, showing external parts and internal details of both Vomag and Alkett examples and is followed by photos of three models by Tony Greenland.

Anyone interested in the L/70 Jagdpanzer IVs will need this book, whether as historical reference or for detailing a model. Very highly recommended!


ISBN: n/a

Price: £25.15

Pages: 208

Format: softback – A4

Publisher: Nuts & Bolts Verlag GbR

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