Soviet T-10

T-10 Heavy Tank and Variants by James Kinnear and Stephen Sewell

The T-10, built in relatively small numbers as the last of the Soviet heavy tank designs had, with its predecessors, a far reaching influence on post-WW2 tank development and might be dubiously credited with beginning the Cold War and its accelerated weapons development programmes. Several models of the T-10 were produced with corresponding improvements to armament, gun stabilization, night vision aids, gun sighting and fuel capacity. A number of variants were built using the T-10 chassis or components including heavy SP artillery and heavy nuclear missile carriers. Many others were utilized as weaponry test beds, including anti-tank missiles, technical systems and tanks adapted for river crossings, including a mysterious atomic reactor carrier vehicle. Ultimately, the era of the heavy tank came to an end caused by the practical limitations of large AFVs, use of anti-tank rocket weapons, changes in weapon development strategy and the functionality of upcoming MBTs. A combination of text, rare photos, photo walk-around sets, plans, original factory blueprints and impressive artwork provide a detailed account of this final Soviet heavy tank and an insight into the obiekt system of development and experimentation. Of note are also the extensive appendices containing much data and photos of T-10 survivors. This is very remarkable and unusual assemblage of detail and original material by the authors and contributors. Recommended and thanks to Osprey for the review sample.                                                                             


ISBN: 978-1-4728-2051-8

Price: £25

Pages: 232

Format: hardback – 257mm x 250mm

Publisher: Osprey Publishing