Pacific Coast Models, 1/32 Hurricane Mk 1 (Early Version)
This new model is from Pacific Coast Models in the USA.  They are being imported by Cammett Ltd, and my thanks to Robin Carpenter for passing this one on so we can tell you about it.
What you have is an early Mk1 Hurricane, with the fabric covered wings rather than all metal which were still a hang-over from the earlier bi-plane days of Hawker.  At that early stage they were still not experienced enough to manage the stressed metal wing coverings that were used on the later contracts.  Other options in the kit are the early exhausts, lower tail and different windscreens of these earliest mark builds.   It is a plastic injection moulded kit for the bulk of the build, but with some resin cast detail parts and the wheel well interior, along with an Eduard set for the pre-painted instrument panel and harness.  The detail on these instrument panels, along with the buckles and other details to fit to the harness are just breathtaking for any aircraft modeller, as you'll get a great end result.  Equally, the polyurethane resin parts are first class castings so should fit in well.
You have a choice of building this with a 3-bladed propellor, or the even earlier 2-bladed one.  The assembly instructions suggest this is straightforward to build and the options for painting and markings are equally worthy of note.  The full colour painting instructions show the upper surface camouflage colours and pattern, as well as the options that include the early war black and white undersides of the wings.  Personally I'd go for the RAF machine, with the black and white halved underside and 2-bladed propellor.  For some rather different options, then there are Belgian, Finnish and even Italian markings offered as alternatives.  A good indication of how well used these aircraft were, even by the time they got to the Battle of Britain itself. 

See the Cammett's web site for full details.

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