Panther & Jagdpanther Units – The Eastern Front – From Operation Bagration to Berlin by Dennis Oliver & Stephen Andrew

Publishing is a very tough business, so it is always encouraging when a new name appears on the scene, this time in the shape of Bookworld Wholesale Publishing. This is their first (of hopefully many) books which have a familiar feel thanks to the well-known author Dennis Oliver and artistic support from Stephen Andrew. This book is actually the long overdue follow up To The Last Bullet published back in 2010 and this one looks at the German units which had to face the might of the Soviet forces from mid-1944 onwards.

The main thrust of the book focusses on the Panther and Jagdpanther battalions during this rapid decline in German strength and is supported by some great profiles and uniform plates. A good selection of black and white photos breaks up the text; of which there is a great deal considering this is just 34 pages long. The text alone will keep the historian in you happy, while the good quality photographs, profiles and artwork will aid the modeller. Highly recommended and we all wish Justin every success with this new venture.     

With thanks to Justin at Bookworld Wholesale Ltd. who are the main distributor in the UK for this book.

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ISBN: 978-09876013-8-4

Price: £14.99

Pages: 34

Format: Softback – A4

Publisher: Bookworld Wholesale Publishing