Panzer 38[t] vs BT-7

Barbarossa 1941 by Steven J. Zaloga with artwork by Jim Laurier

The very latest in the Osprey ‘Duel’ series (No.79) focusses on a pair of machines which clashed heavily during 1941, namely the German Panzer 38[t] and the Soviet BT-7. These two machines were evenly matched, despite the Panzer being classed as a medium and the BT-7 as a light cavalry tank. The Panzer had thicker armour and was armed with a 3.7cm main gun, while the BT-7 was less armoured but packed a bigger punch thanks to its 4.5cm main gun. However, once on the field and in the hands of experienced crews (four in the Panzer and three in the BT-7) these two tanks were an even match and suit this type comparative book perfectly.   

In typical Osprey style the book looks vibrant and fresh thanks to modern digital artwork, colour profiles, colour cutaway artwork and colour maps. The period photography is all Black and White, but it is to a high standard thanks to collections of the author, John Prigent and Wojceich Łuczak although the majority of images are courtesy of NARA (US National Archives and Records Administration). There are two present day colour photographs within the Chronology section of the book

The book begins with the verso which also accommodates a very useful glossary and key to military symbols on the same page. The books eleven chapters are Introduction; Chronology; design and Development; The Combatants; The Strategic Situation; Combat; Statistics and Analysis; Aftermath; Further Reading and an Index. Whether you are specifically interested in these two machines or not, this book is also useful for presenting the lie of the land with regard to German and Soviet tank tactics and how radically these changed with the arrival of the T-34. A good study of a specialist subject.   

Thanks very much to Osprey for supplying this preview copy to Military Modelling – Panzer 38 vs BT-7 is due out on March 23, 2017.


ISBN: 978-1-4728-1713-6

Price: £12.00

Pages: 80

Format: softback – 248mm x 183mm

Publisher: Osprey Publishing