Panzer III on the battlefield

(Vol.14) WW2 Photobook series by Tom Cockle

This outstanding series of high quality dual-language (English & Hungarian) continues with a look at the Panzer III in every conceivable environment of war. The book leads with an introduction by the author about all variants of the Panzer III from Ausf A to M. This is followed by 105 photographs which take up 80% of the page while the remaining 20% is filled with an informative caption in both languages. The range of images, as we have now come to expect, is broad and their quality is high and their content inspire you to go out and buy a Panzer III in any scale immediately. The Panzer III is presented in all theatres from North Africa to the Eastern Front and from 1940 through to images of them being surrendered to the Allies in great numbers. Once of the many things that comes across about the images selected by the author is that no two tanks are ever the same; there is always something positioned slightly different to the next tank or a paint scheme applied in a different way. This book provides unlimited inspiration – highly recommended.      

Thanks to Lee Archer at Panzerwrecks for our review copy which is available from


ISBN: 978-615-5583-06-3

Price: £25.99

Pages: 112

Format: hardback (landscape) – 305mm x 215mm

Publisher: Peko Publishing