Panzer III

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf A to N (SdKfz 141) by Dick Taylor and Mike Hayton

Subtitled ‘An insight into the design, construction and operation of the German Army’s Second World War Medium Tank’, the Panzer III was the backbone of Hitler’s panzer divisions and was in near continuous action from 1939 through to 1944. This included service during the invasion of Poland, the Battle of France and more extensively during the long North African campaign and, from 1941, the Eastern Front.

This latest gem from Haynes is published in association with the Tank Museum and is written by former Tank Commander, Lt. Col. Dick Taylor RTR and Mike Hayton, so we can expect the information and imagery to be top notch just as it was for the manual on the Chieftain reviewed last year. You will not be disappointed; there are over 300 photographs and illustrations jammed into this quality book which presents a balanced view of this famous tank. There are 13 chapters including, The Panzer III Story; Service tanks and variants; Anatomy of a Panzer III (includes a large annotated cutaway); Weaponry and firepower; Panzer III Walkaround; The Panzer III in action, Restoring the Panzer III and comprehensive appendices which detail dimensions, capacities, details and data. The weapons section is particularly detailed with sections on the 3.7cm KwK 36 and 5cm KwK 38 main armament options and the 7.92mm MG34 machine gun. Specification panels in the variants section of the manual are very extensive and the ‘in action’ chapter features a number of unpublished photographs.  

A number of Panzer IIIs fell into British hands during the Second World War and one such example, a Panzer III Ausf L captured in North Africa in 1942, now at home in The Tank Museum, provides the centrepiece to this manual.

This really is a superb book about this famous tank presented by quality authors, a quality publisher all backed up by the outstanding Tank Museum at Bovington. Thanks very much to Eleanor and Max at McCann PR for our review copy.


ISBN: 978-0-85733-827-3

Price: £22.99

Pages: 172

Format: hardback – A4

Publisher: Haynes Publishing