Paracel Miniatures 1/35 NVA Tank Crew

Cast in an almost fluorescent green resin this set contains one full and two part figures to populate your North Vietnamese Army tank of choice. The standing full figure is in a relaxed pose with a cigarette in his left hand and an AK47 in his right. There are two choices of right hand, one with a full wooden stock AK and the other with the same weapon with the folding metal stock. This choice is a nice touch and both weapons are crisply done and look good in place. The second 3/4 figure is posed casually in the commanders hatch, leaning on the rim with his arms folded. A third, half-figure depicting the driver rounds out this set.

Casting quality was good on these figures with only the usual casting blocks to remove. Uniform detail is very well sculpted and the crease work is crisp and folds hang naturally. Facial expressions are fairly neutral and although these figures are obviously Asian the features are not the caricature ones we see from some manufacturers. The uniforms are fairly generic, only the tank helmets are instantly recognizable as of Soviet origin. In fact, with a head swap, these figures could easily be used to crew vehicles in any Middle East scenario instead.

Thanks very much to Giang Xuan Le for our review sample.


Product: Resin figure kit

Ref: VN0215

Scale: 1/10

Parts: 10

Price: approx £21

Manufacturer: Paracel Miniatures