The second of 2 new sets of figures for December 2011 from MB Models in the Ukraine.  This time in their Vietnam War series, a set simply entitled 'Patrolling'.  It includes all five figures, with a female Vietnamese talking with four US troops from the 1st Cavalry Division.  The different statures of the small Vietnamese lady and the four much larger US troops does well to emphasise the difference in physical stature that was evident.
More unusually for these figure sets from MB Models, there are 2 full spreu of parts in this one.  One has the basic parts for all five figures, broken down into torsos, heads, legs and arms, while the other sprue has all the accessory parts, like weapons, packs, puches and so on.  All very neatly moulded and a construction sequence that is fairly common for figures sets such as this.
The attractive box art gives a good idea for colours and painting, as well as aa potential diorama scene that would work well, as the 4 troopers talk with one of the 'locals'.  The troopers are all loaded up with kit and carry the M16 rifle (one not matching the box art then for the figure on the right), one of which has the Grenade Launcher fitted to it.  The frames for the back packs, knives, small arm holsters, water bottles, entrenching tools, grenades and smoke grenades etc are all separate parts to be fitted, along with a choice of headgear for all the troopers.  Bandoliers carry extra ammunition, much needed in a jungle firefight when you are far from base.
The female figure is nice and simply done, nothing warlike about her.  A local peasant, perhaps taking a bag of rice home, stops to talk with this group of foreign soldiers, and wearing the iconic style sun hat as well.  Maybe they could be set standing on a dyke amidst the paddy fields.

These guys are well laden with kit, just as would have been needed for several days in-country before the 'slicks' come and pick them up again.  As someone who grew up amidst the daily news reports from Vietnam, I have always had an interest int eh conflict and I reckon this is a very nice set of figures which capture the atmosphere, and the look of the different characters just right.  MB Models seem to have a group of sculptors making these sets who are able to keep coming up with some very imaginative groups of figures and for the Vietnam modelling enthusiasts, I think you will like this one.
My thanks to Master Box Ltd for our example.

See their website for more details of the Master Box ranges