Pebble Island

The Falklands War 1982 by Francis Mackay with John Cooksey

35 years have now passed since the Falklands War and this is a good excuse to present this ‘Revised Anniversary Edition’ of Pebble Island. The book is filled with black and white and colour photographs of varying quality (many low res off the web), some very good colour maps, colour profiles of weapons and aircraft and some artwork. The cross section of imagery gives Pebble Island an Osprey feel which is very easy on the eye.

A good introduction as to what took place during the war at the very beginning when the SAS took out a dozen Argentinian aircraft om May 15, 1982 under the codename Operation Prelim.    

Thanks again to Charlie Simpson at Pen & Sword for our review copy.

First published in MM4711

ISBN: 978-1-47389-2953

Price: £14.99

Pages: 122

Format: Softback – 244mm x 173mm

Publisher: Pen & Sword